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Imagine this: you’re sitting in your kitchen, enjoying a nice slice of hot, buttery garlic bread. Suddenly, your dog dashes in and begs for a piece.

It takes you a second to remember that garlic is bad for your pooch, but what about garlic bread? It has bread, after all, and that’s healthy, right?

Can dogs eat garlic bread? Sadly, they can’t. Let’s find out why.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Bread?

No. Your canine buddy won’t be able to enjoy a crunchy piece of buttery, mouth-watering garlic bread.

That toasty piece of warm bread is rich in butter and oils that cause obesity. It also contains herbs and sometimes cheese, which are both harmful to dogs. Then, there’s the garlic itself, which is considered by many to be a toxic ingredient for pets.

Garlic Toxicity

Check out the reasons why garlic is so toxic for dogs.


Garlic contains a compound known as thiosulfate. This compound is what helps reduce our cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Yet, it can be highly toxic for dogs.

The reason? Thiosulfate breaks down red blood cells in canines. As a result, these cells can no longer carry oxygen to the lungs, causing a slew of health problems for your pooch.


Garlic belongs to the allium family. Onions, chives, shallots, and leeks all belong to the same family. Whether cooked, raw, or in powder form, alliums cause gastrointestinal problems for dogs.

They’re so harmful that vets consider them poisonous. In fact, garlic is almost five times as toxic as onions. Your vet will recommend you avoid foods containing alliums, even in small amounts.


Garlic is a dense vegetable. This is why it requires certain enzymes to break it down during the digestive process. Dogs don’t have these enzymes.

Consequently, eating anything with garlic will induce stomach problems for your dog. The bigger the amount, the more serious the problem.

How Much Is Safe?

If you own a dog, you know you can’t watch them 24/7. So, what do you do if they inadvertently snatch a piece of garlic bread off your plate?

If your furry friend has eaten less than 15 to 20 grams (3 – 4.5 teaspoons) of garlicky foods, then you shouldn’t worry too much. The lethal dose is five grams of fresh garlic for every kilogram of body weight.

To put things in perspective, average-sized cloves are about 5 grams. This means your dog would have to eat about seven cloves, or 42 grams of fresh garlic, to cause problems.

If your pooch has eaten more than 15 grams of anything garlicky, seek emergency medical care at once.

Here are a few symptoms of garlic poisoning to watch out for:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Elevated heart rate


Can dogs eat garlic bread? No, they can’t.

We know it’s hard not to share your favorite foods with your pooch. Yet, it definitely outweighs the cons. Think of it as one way of helping maintain their health and wellness until they get to a ripe, old age.

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